Privately Owned Business

Founders, their heirs, and their family members own and operate most lower middle market companies.  Their needs are complex and different from those of larger, institutionally owned and managed businesses.  As leaders and managers, they seek prosperity for the business, themselves and their people.   As founders, they hope to preserve the legacy of their life’s work.   As shareholders, they desire a range of personal financial goals — from embarking on a path toward diversification through a partial recapitalization or through an outright sale.

Ardent structures common sense transactions that satisfy an individual owner’s or owner group’s overlapping and sometimes even competing objectives through a private investment transaction.  A thoughtful transaction will provide a catalyst that accelerates the company’s development.

Corporate Divestitures

Corporations divest smaller business units for many reasons.  Most commonly, these businesses do not fit a corporate strategy.  Uncommitted owners hold back progress of these “corporate orphans.”   Divestiture candidates range from autonomous business units to product lines lacking infrastructure and a full management complement.  Divestitures present distinct challenges due to a legacy of corporate support and integration that vary from minor to extreme.

We have deep experience executing transactions to facilitate complex corporate divestitures.   These transactions often require intense collaboration between the seller, operating management, and Ardent.  In all cases, we work with parent and operating management to develop a deep appreciation of the issues and present constructive solutions.

Restructurings/Special Situations

Even great businesses can experience setbacks.  For financial or other reasons, the managers or owners may require outside help to navigate a restructuring and to provide capital for a recovery plan.   Restructurings occur in and out of bankruptcy.   In most cases, time is of the essence.  Complexity abounds.  There is little room for error.

Ardent has experience with a range of bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy related restructurings.  Ardent will minimize or avoid restructuring costs by moving quickly and by collaborating with all stakeholders to find cost effective alternatives.  We often find creative solutions to break the impasse that develops between debtors and creditors.


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